Enterprise Hub network enables members build lasting relationships which help their businesses grow from strength to strength.

Enterprise Hub Network is here  to create a network for sole traders, partnerships and small to medium size enterprises to share knowledge, business expertise and contacts. A network committed to empowering proactive business & to achieving extraordinary results.

Members benefit from the enhanced exposure of their business within the group and this leads to business referrals between members and also facilitates referrals to and from a wider circle of clients

Benefits of our group

A group like this leads to business referrals between members and also facilitates referrals to and from a wider circle of clients.
Your business referrals will increase as business is regularly exchanged between members who have grown to know, like and trust each other in a relaxed professional setting.


Support and be supported

The structure to our weekly meeting provides everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves and give a brief overview of their business and be specific in the type of business or contact they would like to meet in the coming week.


Raise your profile

The Enterprise Hub will raise your profile as you have the opportunity to meet a diverse range of business professionals who are committed to expanding their businesses and helping their fellow members to do the same. We cultivate a spirit of co-operation within the group while sharing and expanding our pool of resources. Our aim is to help all members to thrive and flourish.



Training and development

The Enterprise Hub will provide a valuable support network for your business and you will be eligible to participate in training and information seminars which will help develop your range of business tools and skills.
The sharing of experiences between members stimulates the creative process and helps to generate new ideas and new opportunities which will keep you up to date and informed on the latest developments in the business world.



Business categories

We have created a non-competitive setting which is more conducive to an effective referral system whereby only one member is allowed to represent each business category.


Mission statement

To establish an exceptional network of professional business people.
To cultivate a spirit of co-operation in the group in order to promote each others businesses.
To support each others businesses by pooling resources and experience and by providing on-going education.
To nurture long term business relationships facilitating trust and confidence in each others products and services.