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Network Group Mission Statement

“To create a network for sole traders, partnerships and small to medium sized enterprises to share knowledge, business expertise and contacts. We are a network group committed to empowering proactive business
and to achieving extraordinary results.”

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About Us
The Enterprise Hub is a networking referral group. The group consists of of sole traders, and small and medium sized companies from a wide variety of backgrounds who operate mainly in the Cork area while some also have businesses further afield.The Enterprise Hub meets on a weekly basis, Thursdays @ 7.45am in the new Marymount, located on the Curaheen Rd in Bishopstown only 5 minutes from the Bandon Rd Roundabout.
Purpose of the Enterprise Hub
The purpose of the meeting is to share our own current business objectives and to discuss potential business opportunities between our members. Ideas are exchanged between the members and lasting business relationships are developed. Each week one member of the group gives an in-depth presentation of their business which provides a better understanding of how we can refer that business to other clients and create potential business opportunities for each other.
We aim to establish an exceptional network of confident business people. We nurture long term business relationships based on trust, professionalism and a commitment to customer care.
“We focus on integrity, excellence, respect and expertise.”

Membership process

Guests are invited by members on an individual basis to attend a meeting.As a guest, you have the opportunity to speak to the group and to distribute your business cards. A guest may attend two meetings before he/she decides to apply to be admitted as a full member. If a guest wishes to become a full member of the group he/she needs to complete an application form which is reviewed by the group and providing there is no conflict of business interest with existing members, the guest will be admitted as a full member.

The Enterprise Hub where people help people build business


We’re always interested in new members, individuals or small to medium sized companies. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding an invitation to one of our meetings.

If you wish to contact to network group, Call John at 086 275 2497.

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